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Make a Meaningful Impact Through Volunteer Internships in Kenya

Are you passionate about contributing to sustainable development while gaining invaluable experience? Join our volunteer internship program in Kenya and immerse yourself in rewarding projects across various fields.

Volunteer Internship Areas:

Healthcare/Medical: Assist at community hospitals, clinics and health centers under supervision of medical professionals. Provide quality healthcare services to underserved populations.

Education: Teach English, math, and other subjects at primary/secondary schools in rural villages. Get involved in extracurricular activities and experience Kenyan education firsthand.

Children’s Programs: Work at orphanages and day-care centers supporting creative activities, meal preparation, cleaning, caretaking, and mentoring children affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Infrastructure: Contribute to construction, repairs, engineering projects involving schools, orphanages, community buildings and renewable energy installations like solar power.

Research: Opportunities in organic farming, climate change effects, gender equality programs, product development, tourism potential studies, and alternative energy research.


  • – Professionals with 2+ years of experience or fresh graduates in relevant fields like agriculture, forestry, business, marketing, IT, development studies, anthropology
  • – Keen interest in developing countries and cross-cultural exchange
  • – Ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • – Flexibility to adapt to different cultural environments and rural settings
  • – Strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills
  • – High energy, goal-oriented and detail-oriented
  • – Commitment to volunteering for a minimum of 3 months

Get ready for an enriching experience that allows you to make a tangible difference while developing your skills and global perspectives. Apply for our volunteer internships in Kenya today!

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