Project Assistant

Project Assistant

  • Full Time

DCA is currently seeking two experienced and energetic Kenyan Nationals to fill the positions of Project Assistant – Agronomy & Business Development. The positions will be based in Subukia Sub County and Kinangop South Sub County, respectively, with the possibility of supporting other target locations within the respective county as the project progresses. The Project Assistants will report directly to the Project Officer based in Nakuru.

About the ‘From Loss to Value Creation (L2V)’ Project:
DCA is leading the ‘From Loss to Value Creation (L2V): Reducing Food Loss through partnerships in Green Cold Storage Solutions in Kenya’ project. This initiative aims to reduce food loss by providing scalable cold storage solutions for smallholder farmers in Kenya. The project works closely with these farmers, who face various challenges in the production and marketing of their produce. The current post-harvest losses result in lower incomes for farmers and higher prices for consumers. DCA, in partnership with commercial partners and other stakeholders, is developing an innovative commercial and business approach to ensure smallholder farmers growing vegetables for export and local consumption have access to affordable cooling/cold infrastructure within an environment that promotes and upholds responsible business conduct.

Key Responsibilities:

Technical Support and Guidance:

  • – Mobilize and onboard farmers, cooperatives, and trader associations, providing technical assistance during L2V project implementation.
  • – Enhance the organizational, governance, and management capacity of farmer, farmer organizations, and trader associations through training, mentorship, and exposure.
  • – Conduct training programs on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), post-harvest management, food safety, cold storage best practices, and efficient utilization of the cooling units.

Business Development Support:

  • – Identify and nurture business opportunities for smallholder horticulture farmers in alignment with project objectives.
  • – Provide tailored training programs and support to enhance the business skills of selected farmers and Farmer Organizations, enabling active engagement in the market.
  • – Facilitate market linkages and trade relationships between smallholder farmers and relevant markets.
  • – Assist in establishing strategic partnerships between farmers, cooperatives, and financial institutions to explore potential financing options.
  • – Facilitate effective business relationships between farmers and off-takers/exporters within targeted value chains.
  • – Cultivate robust partnerships with farmers, relevant County government departments, input suppliers, and other stakeholders to drive project objectives at the local level.

Project Implementation and Monitoring:

  • – Assist in the identification and setup process of cooling units through participatory approaches.
  • – Provide regular progress reports, data collection, and documentation of field activities.
  • – Contribute to project monitoring and evaluation, identifying challenges and proposing solutions.

Communication and Representation:

  • – Represent the project at relevant meetings, workshops, and conferences to promote project objectives.
  • – Document and share key achievements/impact created by the implementation of the project.
  • – Collaborate with project partners and stakeholders to raise awareness about the project and its benefits.

Qualifications, Skills, and Experience:

  • – 4-5 years of relevant experience in community development, business development, or related fields.
  • – Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, agricultural economics, or a related field.
  • – Proven experience in cooperative development and agricultural extension services, preferably in horticultural GAP training, agroecology, post-harvest management, and cold chain systems.
  • – Sound knowledge of smallholder farming practices, management of out-grower schemes, value chains/market system development.
  • – Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively engage with farmers, cooperatives, and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.
  • – Ability to deliver training programs and facilitate workshops to build capacity and knowledge among project beneficiaries.
  • – Self-motivated, proactive, and able to work independently in remote field locations with limited supervision.
  • – Proficiency in computer applications and data management software.
  • – Fluency in English, Swahili, and local languages is a requirement.
  • – Must be a licensed motorbike rider (or willing to learn) and be willing to reside in the Sub-County of placement.