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Education is one of the most powerful tools for empowering individuals and uplifting communities. For ambitious students in Kenya, access to quality education can be the catalyst that unlocks their potential and sets them on a trajectory toward future success.

The International School of Kenya (ISK) recognizes this tremendous potential within Kenyan youth. As a leading IB World School committed to academic excellence, ISK aims to nurture the intellectual and personal growth of students through a holistic educational approach.

To expand access to world-class learning opportunities for deserving Kenyan students, ISK offers the prestigious High School Scholarship. This comprehensive scholarship covers 100% of the costs associated with a full four-year high school education. This includes tuition fees, admission fees, textbooks, external exams, school bus transportation, uniforms, meals and more.

For financially disadvantaged youth who may otherwise be unable to afford such an education, this scholarship can be truly life-changing. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the ISK Scholarship, including the application process, eligibility criteria, required components, and key information for prospective applicants.

The ISK Scholarship Application Process

The competitive ISK Scholarship application process begins each year in January. All interested students must submit a complete application by the deadline of January 12th.

Initial Application Screening

Once received, an ISK Scholarship Committee reviews and screens all applications based on the eligibility criteria. Top candidates are identified at this phase.

Finalist Interviews

Selected finalists and their families are invited for in-person interviews with the Scholarship Committee on campus in early February. This offers additional insights into the student’s background, character, goals and financial need.

Recipient Selection

Following a holistic review of applications and interviews, the Scholarship Committee selects that year’s class of ISK Scholarship recipients. Decision letters are sent out in March, with the new cohort announced publicly by April.

ISK Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

The ISK High School Scholarship specifically targets deserving Kenyan youth who would greatly benefit from, but likely could not otherwise afford, an ISK education. Key eligibility requirements include:

Kenyan Citizenship

Applicants must hold Kenyan citizenship and live within Kenya. Foreign nationals are not eligible.

Financial Need

Verifiable family financial need must be demonstrated through detailed documentation. Household income should fall within low to middle income ranges relative to the cost of an ISK education.

Academic Achievement

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence based on past school performance. High marks on national exams are expected, along with fluency in reading, writing and speaking English.

Leadership & Community Service

Ideal candidates exhibit strong leadership qualities and dedication to community service activities, reflecting ISK’s values.

Age and Grade Entry Requirements

Students must be 14 years old by July of the year they enter ISK and eligible for admission into Grade 9 or Grade 10 only.

Required ISK Scholarship Application Components

To be considered complete, an ISK Scholarship application must include:

Application Form

  • Fully completed ISK Scholarship Application Form signed by student and parents/guardians. Download Application Form.
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate or passport.

Written Tasks

  • One page personal narrative statement introducing the applicant.

  • Two page extracurricular resume outlining activities, awards, community service etc.

Academic Records

  • Official school transcripts from the past 3 years showing classes taken and grades/scores.

  • Most recent end of year overall results and national exam performance.

Financial Information

  • Completed ISK Financial Information Form signed by parents/guardians. Download and fill Financial Information Form.

  • Supporting documents like bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns etc.

Confidential School Report

  • Confidential School Report completed by the applicant’s current head teacher assessing academic performance, character and strengths.

Additional Requirements

  • Signed agreement form acknowledging ISK scholarship policies.

  • Copy of parents’ national ID cards.

  • Four recent passport photos of the applicant.

Key ISK Scholarship Application Guidelines

To maximize chances for success, applicants should ensure:

  • All required components are complete and submitted by the January 12th deadline. Incomplete applications are disqualified.
  • The narrative statement and extracurricular resume are thoughtful, well-written, and give insights into the applicant’s background, interests, and goals.

  • Financial documents transparently demonstrate family income levels that would make affording ISK difficult without significant aid. Use the checklist provided.

  • The head teacher’s confidential recommendation gives convincing insights into the applicant’s strengths.

  • Neatness and presentation make a good impression. Type rather than handwrite responses.

  • Honesty and accuracy are reflected throughout. Misreporting information can void applications.

  • A backup copy is kept by the family for their own records.

  • Contact the ISK Scholarship Office promptly regarding any questions.

Helpful Timeline for Applicants

  • August-September – Discuss plans with family and current school. Gather testing results and records.
  • October – Download application from ISK website. Prepare required components. Request teacher evaluations.

  • November – Finalize application materials. Verify completeness. Make copies.

  • Early January – Submit final application packet by January 12th deadline.

  • February – Attend scholarship interview if selected as a finalist.

  • March-April – Receive decision letter in mail. transition to ISK if awarded scholarship.

What is Provided by the ISK Scholarship?

The ISK High School Scholarship is comprehensive, designed to cover 100% of required academic and supplementary costs over the 4-year program including:

  • Tuition fees
  • Textbook fees

  • uniforms

  • Daily meals

  • Bus transportation

  • External exam fees like IB exams

  • University counseling

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Technology resources

  • School trips and retreats

This complete package significantly alleviates the financial burden families may face in supporting a student’s education.

Life-Changing Value of an ISK IB Education

Recipients gain far more than a free education. The rigorous IB curriculum, exceptional teaching, diverse student community, leadership opportunities and global outlook they experience equip scholars with the skills and mindset to thrive at top universities worldwide and become forces for good.

By removing financial barriers to accessing this caliber of holistic education, the ISK Scholarship can truly activate a bright future for talented yet disadvantaged Kenyan youth.

Selection Committee Interview Tips

For applicants chosen as finalists, the in-person scholarship interview offers a chance to supplement their application and make a strong impression. Suggestions include:

  • Arrive early and dress neatly in school uniform or formal attire.
  • Greet interviewers politely with a firm handshake. Make eye contact when responding.

  • Speak clearly and confidently when discussing your background, interests, and goals.

  • Show genuine passion for education, community service and how ISK can facilitate personal growth.

  • Ask thoughtful questions that show your knowledge of ISK and commitment to embracing this opportunity.

  • Thank the committee sincerely for their time and consideration.

ISK Scholarship Policies

Accepting an ISK Scholarship comes with important policies scholars must uphold:

  • Maintain strong academic performance throughout high school.
  • Exhibit excellent conduct and embrace ISK’s values.

  • Participate actively in school activities including clubs, events and community service.

  • Abide by ISK rules and codes of behavior.

  • Act as an ambassador and role model for ISK.

  • Renew scholarship eligibility each year by meeting designated criteria.

Adhering to these policies ensures students maximize their ISK experience.

The ISK High School Scholarship stands as a transformative opportunity to empower deserving Kenyan students through world-class education. The comprehensive nature of this scholarship’s coverage combined with the immense value of an IB education enables bright young minds to realize their potential to the fullest, regardless of financial circumstances.

We encourage all eligible students to apply for this life-shaping scholarship. With diligent preparation of a thoughtful application demonstrating merit and need, you may join the next class of scholars at one of Africa’s premier international schools.

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