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The High Commission of Canada in South Africa is pleased to announce the launch of its annual call for project proposals under the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). The CFLI aims to support small-scale, high-impact development projects proposed and implemented by local partners in developing countries.

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The purpose of the CFLI is to fund projects that align with Global Affairs Canada’s priority areas, deepen ties between civil society organizations in Canada and partner countries, and advance positive bilateral relations. Through the CFLI, the High Commission hopes to select approximately 5-6 projects to be implemented in South Africa starting in or around July 2024.

About the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives

The CFLI provides grants typically around CAD$50,000 for local projects in developing countries. The maximum grant amount per project is CAD$100,000. The funding is provided in Canadian dollars and then converted to local currency.

Funded projects should normally be completed within one year, between the signing of the Contribution Agreement and February 2025. In exceptional cases, projects may receive approval for a second year of funding depending on the objectives and complexity.

Application Process

The application process occurs in two stages:

Stage 1 – Expressions of Interest

Interested organizations are invited to submit Expressions of Interest on a rolling basis until April 1, 2024. Applicants should submit their Expressions of Interest early, using the electronic form provided by the High Commission. To request the form, contact the CFLI Coordinator at email [email protected]. Applicants should submit only one Expression of Interest.

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Stage 2 – Project Proposals

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by April 15, 2024 and invited to submit a more comprehensive Project Proposal and Budget.

In preparing their submissions, applicants should note:

  • All application materials must be in English or French.
  • Respond to all questions on the application forms, including the gender-based analysis section.
  • Summarize proposed activities and costs in the budget.
  • Applications are assessed based on concision, clarity, feasibility, potential impact, innovation, and thematic alignment.

Due to high application volume, only successful candidates will be contacted. Unsuccessful applications are kept on file at the High Commission in accordance with Global Affairs Canada policies.

Two-year projects, from April 2023 to March 2025, may be considered depending on objectives and complexity.

Eligible Organizations

The following organizations are eligible to apply for CFLI grants:

  • Local non-governmental, community, and not-for-profit organizations
  • Local academic institutions for local projects
  • International NGOs undertaking local development activities
  • Intergovernmental, multilateral, and regional institutions and organizations working locally
  • Municipal, regional, or national government institutions proposing local projects
  • Canadian NGOs and not-for-profits working on local development

The majority of CFLI funding goes to local civil society groups and institutions engaged at the community level. Other entities like international organizations and government bodies may be eligible if working locally with partners on community-driven projects. The CFLI actively seeks to fund innovative initiatives with measurable impact.

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Thematic Priorities

All CFLI projects must align with at least one of the following thematic priorities:

  • Inclusive governance, including diversity, democracy, human rights, rule of law
  • Equitable growth and decent work
  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Human dignity, including health, education, nutrition

Gender-Based Analysis

In line with Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy, CFLI applications must include a gender-based analysis (GBA) to enhance gender equality outcomes.

The GBA will require applicants to:

  • Consider gender differences in the problem being addressed
  • Consult women and/or girls in developing the proposal
  • Ensure women’s and girls’ perspectives inform the project design

Consultations can involve speaking with local women and girls, women’s organizations, and female and male stakeholders familiar with the community.

Inadequate GBA completion may affect proposal consideration.

Eligible Expenses

The following project expenses are eligible for CFLI funding:

  • Accounting, administrative, and overhead costs (not exceeding 15% of total grant)
  • Advocacy and lobbying related costs
  • Capital expenditures for infrastructure and equipment
  • Civic education activities
  • Conferences and events
  • Domestic travel (economy class)
  • Environmental assessments
  • Equipment rental or purchase (with care/maintenance plans)
  • Hospitality (excluding alcohol)
  • Installation, maintenance, shipping, transportation
  • Legal fees
  • Medical costs
  • Miscellaneous expenses integral to the project
  • Outreach, communications, and information dissemination
  • Publishing and broadcasting
  • Research
  • Salaries and stipends related to the project
  • Security
  • Training and capacity building
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Vehicle operation, maintenance, and related costs
  • Website development and associated costs

The following are ineligible expenses:

  • Nuclear technologies and facilities
  • Military or paramilitary assistance
  • Gifts or luxury goods
  • Direct fiscal support to governments
  • Seed funding or microfinance
  • Organizational core funding or recurrent costs
  • Expenses incurred before/after the Contribution Agreement term

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives offers an opportunity for organizations in South Africa to access funding for small-scale, community-driven development projects that empower local partners and align with Global Affairs Canada’s priorities. We encourage interested organizations to apply by the April 1, 2024 deadline. Please reach out with any questions.


Application Closed
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