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Google is excited to announce the launch of the AI Startup School in collaboration with Seoul City. This free 6-week program helps early-stage startup founders develop critical skills and knowledge to build globally impactful companies leveraging artificial intelligence.

Program Overview

The Google AI Startup School aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and capabilities essential for AI startups success, including:

  • Hands-on training in AI technologies and tools
  • Strategies and digital marketing for growth
  • Leadership, storytelling, and networking

By participating, founders gain:

  • Insights on leveraging AI tools like BigQuery ML from Google experts
  • Direct learning from Google teams on training tactics and success stories
  • Guidance on Google products like Ads, Analytics, YouTube, and Cloud
  • Perspectives from experienced AI entrepreneurs
  • Access to the Google Startup Campus entrepreneur community
  • 6 weeks of free education and support


The program curriculum spans key topics across 6 interactive sessions:

Session 1 – Entrepreneurship Workshop

Kick off the program by exploring core startup concepts like validating ideas, assembling teams, seeking funding, and launching new ventures.

Session 2 – Strategic Product Storytelling

Learn how to craft compelling narratives about your product and mission to engage customers and investors.

Session 3 – Customer Acquisition with Google Ads

Dive into best practices for acquiring and retaining users efficiently through Google advertising platforms.

Session 4 – Introducing AI and Cloud Tools

Get an overview of essential Google AI and cloud technologies to leverage in your startup.

Session 5 – Leadership Principles for Success

Discuss leadership frameworks and skills critical for guiding a startup to sustainable growth.

Session 6 – Discussion with AI Startup Founders

Gain direct insights into overcoming challenges and succeeding in the AI space from seasoned founders.

Throughout the program, participants will have opportunities to get tailored guidance, have student showcases, network with peers and entrepreneurs, and learn-by-doing with hands-on activities.

By completing the school, founders build a strong foundation of knowledge and connections to enable their startup journeys and potential to change the world with AI innovation.

Benefits for AI Startup Founders

The AI Startup School offers founders a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Getting early access to Google’s latest AI capabilities and cloud tools to leverage in your startup.
  • Receiving strategic product and growth advice directly from Google teams and AI/marketing experts.
  • Expanding your professional network with like-minded founders, potential partners, and startup community leaders.
  • Learning from the playbook of successful AI entrepreneurs who have addressed similar challenges.
  • Gaining visibility for your emerging startup through showcases and demo days.
  • Building critical hard and soft skills in technology, strategy, leadership, pitching, storytelling, and more.
  • Saving on educational costs to focus capital on your core technology and operations.
  • Accelerating your entrepreneurial journey with structured curriculum, mentoring, and community support.

By participating in the Google AI Startup School, founders can gain invaluable resources to turn their ideas into high-growth startups and advance innovation in the AI space.

Applications and Admissions

The Google AI Startup School is open to early-stage tech startup founders based in Seoul who are passionate about building companies with AI technology.

Competitive admission will be based on:

  • Founder(s) background, skills, and motivation
  • Potential and applicability of AI in the startup idea
  • Level of commitment to bringing the product/service to market
  • Strength of the problem being solved for customers

To apply, startup teams must submit:

  • Company and founder bios
  • A short pitch deck
  • Completed application form

The program will start on March 5th, 2023 and run for 6 consecutive Tuesdays from 6-8pm. Sessions will be held virtually or at the Google Campus Seoul, subject to public health conditions.

We encourage all eligible early-stage AI startup founders to apply for this exciting training opportunity. Spaces are limited so apply early! Please direct any questions to:

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